5 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy While Working from Home

DATE 16th Apr 2020

Taking care of your mind and body should always be a top priority but in these trying times, it’s more important than ever. If you’re beginning to feel a little stagnant as you work from home, here are 5 tips to help keep your mind sharp and your body healthy from your home office. 

1. Yoga

Whether or not you currently attend a yoga class or have tried from home, I’m sure you’re familiar with the practice. A blend of stretching for the body and meditation for the mind, yoga can boost your mental and physical fitness by improving sleep, busting stress, strengthening your heart, and more. What’s more, fitness instructors like Les Mills bring professional classes directly to you with both live streaming, and on demand options; Namaste.

2. Don't Lose Touch

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t connect with loved ones. Using FaceTime or apps like Zoom or Houseparty give us the chance to catch up virtually – face to face. Maintaining these relationships keeps you truly connected with the world that matters.

3. Take a Break

Between completing your job-related tasks, trying to absorb (or avoid) the non-stop news cycle, and potentially keeping your child (or children) busy, working from home can be stressful; give your mind a rest with some meditation, listening to some of your favourite music, reading from a magazine or book, or even taking a relaxing shower or bath. Studies show that even just a minute of deep breathing can relieve stress.

4. Plan Your Meals - And Enjoy Them

Making fewer trips to the supermarket means that you’ve likely stocked your pantry up – and being in close proximity to that stockpile might make you more inclined to snack more frequently. Resist the urge to snack by creating a schedule and prepare for meals in advance. Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t eat well either; there are many tips on how to make hearty (and healthy) comforting meals.

5. Stay Clean

If you have to leave your house for essentials, staying healthy means sticking to a cleanliness regimen. Any time you return home, wash your hands properly – it’s also a good idea to daily disinfect high-trafficked surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, bathroom utilities, light switches, phones, gaming controllers, and remotes.