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Marlborough's rural expanse and iconic vineyards offer a unique blend of pastoral beauty and viticultural prestige — a perfect setting for oenophiles, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene lifestyle. The real estate market here is as varied and inviting as the region's famous wines, ranging from sprawling vineyard estates and boutique wineries to idyllic country homes and rustic cottages amidst the rolling hills.

New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty is your expert partner in discovering the finest Marlborough properties. Our team of seasoned professionals is equipped with extensive local knowledge and industry expertise, dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of purchasing your dream home in this picturesque region. Explore our website to uncover the exclusive real estate opportunities that Marlborough's rural and vineyard settings have to offer.

Marlborough Rural & Vineyards suburb guide



Set amidst the scenic beauty of Marlborough, presents a tranquil rural charm that contrasts with the spirited demand for its real estate — marking it as a hidden gem in the property market. This allure is understandable, given the area's picturesque landscapes, community-centric living, and proximity to both Picton and the Marlborough Sounds.

The properties in Koromiko range from cosy country cottages and lifestyle blocks with ample space for gardening and livestock, to contemporary homes that offer modern comforts in a serene setting. For those in pursuit of a peaceful rural life with the convenience of nearby urban centers, Koromiko stands out as a must-consider location in the Marlborough region.



With its rich historical tapestry and verdant surroundings, offers a tranquil yet captivating living experience, much sought after in the Marlborough real estate market. Its charm lies in the blend of pastoral beauty and the echoes of New Zealand's pioneering spirit, making it a unique and desirable place to call home.

The range of properties in Tuamarina includes charming heritage homes that tell a story of yesteryear, modern residences amidst lush greenery, and lifestyle blocks that offer a slice of rural bliss. For those drawn to a community that prides itself on its history, natural beauty, and a slower pace of life, yet remains within easy reach of Blenheim's amenities, Tuamarina provides an idyllic setting in the heart of Marlborough.

Wairau Valley

Wairau Valley

Cradled in the heart of Marlborough's renowned wine country, offers a living experience that is as rich and varied as the vineyards that stretch across its landscape. This area is a magnet for those drawn to the viticultural lifestyle, outdoor adventurers, and anyone seeking the peace of rural life without forsaking accessibility to urban conveniences.

Properties in Wairau Valley range from working vineyards and boutique wineries to spacious country homes and rustic retreats, each offering its own unique view of the valley's stunning natural beauty. For those captivated by the idea of waking up to sweeping vineyard vistas, indulging in local wine culture, and enjoying the tranquility of rural living with the backdrop of mountain ranges, Wairau Valley embodies the quintessential Marlborough lifestyle.




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