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From the shores of Manukau Harbour to metro hubs in the West, Auckland’s South East is a patchwork of diverse landscapes, cultures and urban environments. Looking for a house for sale to base your family here means being part of close-knit communities, close to beaches and the outdoors, and accessing all the benefits of living on the city fringe. Browse Auckland properties for sale, offering a delightful blend of suburban charm and scenic beauty.

Our experienced professionals work hard to establish a strong connection with buyers to ensure a seamless negotiation process. Whether you’re looking for properties for sale in Manukau City or Flat Bush, we can help find you an apartment, house or land in Auckland at a price that matches your budget.

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Auckland South East suburb guide

C7 Howick

Howick and Eastern Beaches

Just 30 minutes from Auckland CBD, Howick and the Eastern Beaches retain a relaxed coastal vibe despite the area's population growth. People who live in this relatively affluent region enjoy heritage character villages and long stretches of beach and estuaries, juxtaposed with new urban shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues. Howick and neighbouring suburbs such as Halfmoon Bay and Bucklands Beach have a mixed stock of properties for sale, from historic character homes and stand-alone houses to modern apartments and waterfront properties.

C7 Whitford

Whitford and Clevedon

Whitford and Clevedon boast a rural vibe, despite being just 40 minutes from Auckland CBD. There’s plenty to do; spend the morning at the farmers’ market, enjoy lunch in a boutique café or relax on the beach in the afternoon. The area has a small-country charm and a great sense of community, making residents feel at home. Those looking for a house for sale in Whitford and Clevedon can choose from sprawling lifestyle estates, homes in charming semi-rural neighbourhoods and ocean-view retreats.

C7 Botany

Botany Downs

The southeast Auckland area of Botany Downs offers the convenience and amenities of an urban centre and easy access to beaches. Recently developed, it is seen as one of the best examples of successful urban design in New Zealand. This is due to its visual variety, extensive greenspace, good pedestrian access and compact homes featuring outdoor spaces and privacy. All this is within a 10-minute drive to the nearest beach and around 25 minutes to Auckland City. Properties for sale in Botany Downs are typically modern apartments, new stand-alone homes and townhouses.

C7 Manukau

Manukau City

Manukau City is the largest urban hub outside of Auckland CBD and, having received significant private and public investment has developed a fantastic depth of public spaces, shopping, education and employment. Manukau will see substantial growth in population and commerce in the future and expand the vast options of existing residential properties. Those looking for Manukau City properties for sale can choose from beautiful stand-alone homes in recently-developed neighbourhoods, off-plan investment properties, modern townhouses and low-maintenance apartments.

C7 Ormiston

Flat Bush and Ormiston

Flat Bush and Ormiston are new and culturally diverse urban areas to the south of Auckland City. Built on former farmland, the area has newly established retail, entertainment, education, and public amenities, everything a thriving residential centre needs. As one of the newest housing areas in Auckland, it is developing an exciting look from the rest of the city with expansive green spaces, free-flowing transport corridors and modern public buildings.

Property for sale in Flat Bush and Ormiston is typically built after 2000 and includes modern family homes, apartments and townhouses.

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