Winter Selling

Winter is prime time to sell your home  

Let's dispel the myth of the 'winter chill'

  • Jonathan Sissons
  • 23rd Jun 2024

Why winter is prime time to sell your home  

Let's dispel the myth of the 'winter chill'. Jonathan Sissons, Managing Director of NZSIR Remuera & Surrounds, examines the best time of year to sell your property—and why, despite common misconceptions, winter offers a unique opportunity for making a strategic sale. 

Dispelling the myth: Winter's unique appeal 

It's easy to understand why vendors may feel hesitant to list their homes in winter.

From the outside, the garden may lack the full display of floral blooms, and outdoor living areas may seem less inviting. However, winter presents unique advantages.  

A cosy, inviting atmosphere with a stoked fireplace and warm ambient lighting can make your home irresistible on a chilly day.  

Buyers often have more time to view properties, as they are less occupied by the holidays and activities of summer.  

Plus, with fewer homes on the market, reduced competition can help your property stand out.  

Winter may well be the ideal season to showcase your home. 

Winter vs. Summer 

In the winter months, it is not uncommon to see sales volumes decline across most regions of New Zealand. This trend, however, can work to a seller's advantage, as reduced inventory typically creates higher demand.   

The impact on house prices during winter is more mixed and fluctuates by region. 

While exact numbers vary year by year, the principle remains: lower supply can drive better pricing outcomes. 

For example, post-flood disruptions in the summer of 2023 saw the Auckland market pick up momentum much later, around November. This scenario set the stage for an interesting winter market, where sellers benefitted from the residual buyer demand not met during the disrupted summer months.  

Buyers who are house hunting in winter tend to be more motivated and serious about purchasing. This gives sellers a perfect opportunity to highlight their home's winter features, like fireplaces and cosy interiors, to boost the appeal. Buyers are often less distracted by school holidays or summer activities, so they are focused and ready to make decisions. 

Insights from the market 

In areas like Remuera, many high-net-worth individuals are away during summer, enjoying time at their baches or overseas. This makes winter an ideal time for listing, as potential buyers are more likely to be around and actively searching for properties. 

Additionally, with changes in the bright-line test coming into effect this July, reducing from 10 to two years, we anticipate increased investor activity this winter. This could further fuel buyer interest in your property. 

Apartments tend to sell well year-round, as they are less dependent on garden aesthetics, making winter an equally suitable time for selling these properties. 

Winter selling strategies 

Make first impressions count Screenshot 2024 06 27 at 2.41.21 Pm

Well-maintained gardens with winter blooms like camellias and magnolias can look stunning. Ensure paths are clear and the exterior is clean to enhance visual appeal. 

Cosy winter atmosphereScreenshot 2024 06 27 at 2.37.05 Pm

There's nothing quite like a warm, inviting home during the colder months. Central heating, a lit fireplace, and an inviting ambience can make your home irresistibly cosy. 

Optimise viewing times Winter Selling 0002 4. 23 Md Imageworks 13

The lower winter sun can create beautiful, soft lighting that highlights the best features of your home. Schedule viewings during these hours to showcase your home at its best. 

Homely finishing touchesWinter Selling 0003 21

With the outside areas less appealing in winter, focus on making the interior a delight. Use a humidifier to ensure a fresh and dry environment. Fresh flowers, candles, and subtle scents like coffee or baking will add to the appeal. 

Selling a property involves leveraging every possible advantage, and winter provides a unique set of opportunities. Instead of waiting for the crowded spring and summer market, consider making winter your season to sell. 

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