Five tips to enhance your real estate photos

Presenting your home through photography

If you are thinking of selling your home, it's important to remember that most people's first impression of your property will not be at a physical viewing, it will however be through the photography that represents your home. People are more likely to be attracted to your property because of beautiful imagery therefore having appealing images is the key to enticing interested buyers.

 Here are our Top Five Tips for presenting your home to the market

1. Neat Interiors

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing interior spaces is that they should be neat and clean. Remove clutter and apply simplistic and tasteful staging to every room. Your property should look inhabited but not overly personal.

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2. Unique features and views

Unique features and views can help your property stand out. If your property is recognisable, buyers will remember it easily, details make a property a home. Views are irreplaceable, therefore if there is one it should be presented to a high standard.

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3. Night and Day

The time of day the photos are taken may assist in enhancing the visual appeal of your property. For example having photographs taken at dusk may make your property feel more inviting and homely, however day shots may make your property look more open and bright.

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4. Enhance Small Spaces

Small spaces are not uncommon especially in smaller properties. While shooting small spaces may be more difficult there are some tricks that can help: always try to give depth to the room and remove additional furniture and items that may clutter the space. If there is a window in the room open all curtains to give more light as this gives the idea of space.

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5. Secret Corners

Make sure you identify and emphasise any special spaces in your home, this may be a private area in your garden or an art studio. Once your property is on the market these spaces will emphasise the unique features of your home.

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