Connecting buyers and sellers together on a national and international level. Kylie has been successfully working in the high-end luxury real estate market since 2013. She has grown to understand and appreciate the care and quality needed to cater for this market and client. Kylie is joined by Kate Le Brun a dedicated and professional real estate agent in the beautiful town of Wanaka, New Zealand.

Team Kylie’s fresh approach, extensive knowledge and past careers of business systems, web design, marketing and personal organising, provide a well-balanced palate needed for this industry. Kylie and Kate’s positive, down to earth, giving nature, will put you at ease when taking the next step with your real estate investment.

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Tap into the knowledge and support of the best in the business, contact us today about selling your property.

Kylie Stewart +64 21 288 7187

Kate Le Brun+64 27 701 0157