10 Steps To Maximise Your House Sale Price


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A few simple updates can reap big rewards with minimal investment. Here’s how:

1. Choose the right sales agent. Research their previous sales results, knowledge of the market, buyer networks and marketing strategies.

2. Undertake any repairs and consider freshening up paintwork or wallpaper. Two of the first things potential buyers ask about is structural integrity and water tightness so it’s wise to have any necessary documentation on hand.

3. Tidy, tidy, tidy. Buyers want to envision themselves in your home so clear any personal items such as trophies and family photographs. Don’t forget to create an impact with your entranceway – this is the first glimpse inside your home and first impressions count!

4. Light and bright spaces are instantly attractive. Turn on the lights, clean walls, ensure curtains are wide open and prune any outdoor trees and plants in front of windows.

5. Keep on top of the landscaping. Ensure lawns are freshly mowed, gardens are well-maintained and rubbish bins are hidden. Re-stain decks and repaint or replace your letterbox.

6. Deep clean the interior, paying particular attention to spaces such as bathrooms and storage areas, as well as inside kitchen cupboards. It’s also worth having your carpets professionally cleaned or replacing any worn carpet.

7. Rearrange your furniture. Consider the existing furniture configuration in every room: does your bed placement make the bedroom look smaller? Is your sofa blocking any natural light? Although your arrangement may suit you for practical living, choose the option that works best visually.

8. Use soft furnishings. A few strategically placed soft furnishings can create the wow factor in any room. Call upon luxurious rugs, throws and cushions and don’t forget to hang fresh towels in the bathrooms and decorate the dinner table with an elegant table setting.

9. Professional staging can take your home to the next level and appeal to discerning buyers. An investment in this service can net more than 15% extra in your sale price.

10. Fresh flowers are an absolute must. Lighting candles, turning on the spa pool, baking cookies and playing music can be nice touches but take care not to go overboard. Your real estate agent can advise on the most appropriate finishing details.




This article first appeared in our lifestyle & property magazine Property Style. To read more click this link Property Style in full >

“If you’re looking for more ideas on how to maximise your house sale price, we have a team of experienced agents who can help. Contact us for more information.”

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