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Trudee Clearwater

Trudee Clearwater


Position: Sales Associate

Phone:03 539 0216

Cell Phone:+64 21 0228 8912


Trudee joins New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty with a very successful and extensive career in the banking industry. Trudee’s knowledge and experience, including assisting clients from first home buyers through to property investors, sales initiatives and risk management are invaluable in her new career. She strives to exceed expectations and her achievements as a top salesperson and as a key manager within a senior management team are a reflection of her hard work, dedication and personal values.

Based in the Nelson team, Trudee is excited to re-establish herself in real estate and has always believed it is the ultimate privilege to work with people helping them achieve their dreams. Committed to building strong relationships through trust, respect and proven performance, a high level of Trudee’s previous business has been referral business. Her friendly, professional and ethical approach, along with a genuine desire to achieve premium results are key components for Trudee in creating a rewarding real estate experience.


"I have known Trudee Clearwater since February 2015. Trudee has got great interpersonal skills which made me feel at home and comfortable. Trudee believes in ongoing learning and development and is really supportive in growth (her own and other p...eople’s). Trudee has all the attributes of a great sales person: conscientiousness, persistent, positive, resourceful and passionate."

- Raj Aulakh

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"I quickly developed a huge amount of respect for Trudee as a strong, supportive leader and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future. Trudee instilled self-belief in her staff and helped challenge them to succeed, building an ...environment where everyone felt comfortable and were in fact encouraged to have an opinion, be listened to and respected. Trudee would be an invaluable member of any team, never afraid of a challenge striving to achieve and help others achieve their goals. Trudee has great communication skills, willingly imparts her knowledge and is always looking to improve the way things are done. I have been proud to have known and worked with Trudee...I would happily work with or recommend others to work with Trudee in future."

-Julie Feely

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"I have had great pleasure working with Trudee and can highly recommend her to be someone with integrity, loyalty and completely trustworthy. I worked with Trudee for three years and was lucky to have the opportunity to work with her again as my ...manager. She has always been a high achiever and with her kind personality has been very supportive to her co-workers and friends. Trudee is very focused on helping people achieve their best in everything and I know she would be an asset to her clients and will strive to achieve their goals and dreams. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as I know she will always give 110% in anything she does."

-Tania Kilkelly 

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