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Allan Myers

Allan Myers

Auckland Parnell

Position: Auctioneer & Sales Associate

Phone:09 353 1220

Cell Phone:+64 21 489 336


After 20 years in the real estate industry Allan’s opinion has always been that the sale and purchase of a home is about you - your needs, desires, interests and ambitions.

As such, a special property that has been your home and sanctuary deserves a unique approach to marketing that only a truly international brand like New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR) can offer. It is said that ‘life imitates art’, but a truly well designed or historic homestead is an expression of art and culture. Something to be remembered, preserved, desired, celebrated and enjoyed.

With experience in nearly every aspect of the industry, including five years as a commercial agent, Allan offers a unique and compelling set of skills for marketing and negotiation. He is also the recipient of several prestigious real estate marketing awards.

As a credited and experienced property and general auctioneer he provides a rare insight into the auction process for his and other NZSIR clients. Some of his sales have been reported in the New Zealand Herald and National Business Review.

Allan is a strong believer in the power of targeted social media marketing in conjunction with traditional print media and digital marketing. To this end he has engaged a professional social media company to ensure that this element of property marketing is both utilised and maximised.

If you want a unique, driven and highly skilled agent to achieve your aims and ambitions, contact Allan now.
36 Schollum Road

A private and secure haven where majestic architecture merges with a tamed natural landscape. Royal box office views of rural, estuarine,...

4 bed | 3 bath | 3 car